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There’s always new stuff on the Web log.

9/23/2006: Changed the Speaker’s Bureau page and the Writings page.

9/14/2006: Changed the Mediation and Employment Law pages to show their content have moved to my new site.

9/4/2006: Changed the Biography page to show its content has moved to my new site.

10/31/2005:  Added a new picture of myself to the main page.

10/7/2005: Added new orders and pleadings to the Gustafson v. Johns page; added a link on the Voters page to a new page, Gooden v. Worley.

10/2/2005: Added new orders and pleadings to the Gustafson v. Johns page.

9/19/2005: Created the Gustafson v. Johns page with links to selected pleadings in that case. Also created a link from the Redistricting page to the new page.

9/11/2005: Added a Los Angeles Times article quoting me to the Press Room page.

8/7/2005:  Added my membership in the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy to the Career page. Also added a new newspaper article to the Press Room page.

7/24/2005: Added a quotation from Martin Luther King, Jr., to the Biography page.

7/22/2005: Updated the Career page to add my new teaching assignment.  Also updated the Speaker’s Bureau and Speaking pages.

7/2/2005:  Updated the links and added a quotation from Justice Sandra Day O’Connor on the Discrimination page. Also added a new CLE presentation to the Career page.

6/19/2005: Updated the Voters and Veterans pages with quotations.

6/16/2005: Updated the Biography and Career pages with my teaching at Birmingham School of Law.  Updated the Employment page with a quotation from President Grover Cleveland.

5/30/2005: Updated the Press Room page with a new article.

12/8/2004: Updated the Career page to show my election to the board of the Solo Practice and Small Firm Section.

11/27/2004:  Revised the Election Systems, Redistricting, Campaign Finance Election Reform, and Alabama Constitution pages.

11/24/2004: Revised the Career, Employment, Non-compete, Job Benefits, Wage & Hour, Discrimination, and Veterans pages.  Changed the “Minors & foreigners” page to Foreigners and deleted material about minors; made corresponding changes to cross-references on Election Law and Voters pages.  Modified the Writings page and deleted the “Arizona Redistricting” and “Alabama Governor” pages.  Changed the colors and format of the top, side, and bottom frame without a change in substance.

11/20/2004, 11/16/2004:  Updated the Biography and Career pages.

11/7/2004: Updated the Career page.


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